Meet: Tikko the Polar Bear

There are not that many events around that let polar-bears enter. Hell on the Humber is different – if you feel that you can do it then you can sign up for it. You’re not running against others, you’re running for yourself.

In my case I’m running with an agenda. I want to help raise awareness of autism and how it affects people. Helping me in this is a lovely lady called Allison Cuthbertson. I met Allison on the internet and traveled¬†over from Canada to help her spread the word about autism. HotH events have really helped us do this.

My best friend in Canada is a little boy called Dorian.¬†Dorian has autism. He asked his mum if his favourite bear (me) could travel around the world to help others know that they’re not alone in their daily struggle with autism. I thought that was a great idea. Through Facebook and Twitter we’ve built an online community where people can help each other.

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