Hell On The Humber (otherwise known as HOTH to the initiated) is an endurance event series like no other, and each year the events welcome many competitors from across the country.  Veterans and novices stand side by side on the start line ready to take on the tough and demanding (and unexpectedly undulating) route, which laps the World famous Humber Bridge, for 6, 9, 12, 24, or 36 hours, and prepare themselves to complete as many 4 mile laps as possible in that time.

You don’t have to be an Ultra runner to take part in the HOTH Event Series, though many experienced long distance runners from across the country return to the event year after year and rack up some impressive distances. You don’t even have to be a runner to take part, walkers are always welcome.  All we ask is that you complete the minimum number of laps (one 4 mile lap every 3 hours, or one lap in every two hours at the HOTH Reloaded and HoHoHOTH Events).  How hard could it be???  We also ask that you’re 18 or over for the 12 or 24 hour races, or 16 and over for the 6 hour races (under 18’s require parental consent), and that you have the right attitude for the event, that being one of enjoyment, personal challenge, inclusion, and support. Egos aren’t welcome.

Every finisher receives the coveted finisher’s shirt, and has their mileage added to the HOTH Leaderboard.  There’s also a very bling finisher’s medal!

If the full thing is a litle much for you, or you prefer shorter and faster distances, we offer a Team Relay option which will allow you and two ‘friends’ to take it in turns knocking off the laps for 12, 24, or 36 hours.  If you’re too young for the full thing, we also have a Kid’s Tower Run on HOTH weekend each year where the children of competitors, friends, and family complete between one and five miles at the event.

Many HOTH runners take part in the events to raise much needed funds for charities and good causes, and we encourage this and support the runners where possible.  Unfortunately we’re not able to offer any free races for these charity runners, as all of our free charity places are currently donated to the Ellie Penrose Fund.

The number of HOTH Event entries is strictly LIMITED, and once sold out we operate a waiting list.


The Rules 

HOTH competitors must complete a minimum of one four mile lap in each three hour segment of the event (two hours in the Helloween and HOHOHOTH events), and you can’t withdraw from the race until the last 30 minutes of the race. Failure to complete any lap in the allotted segment will see you withdrawn from the race, and you will miss out on your finishers T-shirt and/or any other goodies that may be supplied, and you will not be able to join the small and exclusive club of HOTH finishers.

Endurance racing isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone. We won’t judge you on your ability or potential before the race, and in return we expect you to follow the rules and all instructions from the event crew and medics without argument. Any instructions you receive will be issued for the safety of you, other competitors, crews, and the general public. Failure to follow authorised instructions will result in your immediate withdrawal from the race, forfeiture of your entry fee, and a lifetime ban. You’ll also be asked to leave the event venue immediately, as will your crew and supporters.

As a competitor, you’re required to behave in a safe and ‘sportsmanlike’ manner at all times, and ego’s are strictly outlawed. Aggressive, angry, or argumentative behaviour will result in your immediate withdrawal from the race, forfeiture of your entry fee, and a lifetime ban, as will the same or similar behaviour displayed by any of your supporters or crew.

Leave your ego at home. If the medics withdraw you – there’s no arguing. If the event crew withdraw you – there’s no arguing.  All results are final – there’s no arguing.  The event director has the final say in everything!  Again, there’s no arguing…

ipod-policeFinally, iPods and any other personal audio and/or video devices are strictly verboten for participants in the events. Using a mobile telephone as a music or video player is also verboten. Anyone caught using one will be thrown off the bridge as an example to others that dissent will not be tolerated…. Just fibbing. Mostly. Probably.

There you have it. The race, the expectations, the rules. If you think it’s something you want to be part of, don’t hang around! The events have sold out every year!

What do you get for following the rules? A finisher’s T-shirt, maybe some other goodies, maybe even a medal (but only if you make the finish) and the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done something most people can only dream of. Additionally, should you finish in the top three male or female competitors you’ll receive a free entry to the following year’s race.  You’ll also be introduced to the sickest game of winner stays on, and you’ll be introduced to aches and pains in places you don’t want to talk about. What more could you ask for?

Further rules specific to each race are issued to registered participants.



The Race HQ is located in the Humber Bridge southbound car park, which is adjacent to the Humber Bridge visitor centre on the North bank of the River Humber (Ferriby Road, Hessle). There you’ll find the event crew, lap counting point, water, toilets, nutrition support, medics, and this is where you leave your equipment, support crew and supporters.




Park near the HQ at the start of the race, register and collect your race number. Race numbers and any other items the event crew feel you should be issued will be issued at registration. If you have a tent for your equipment and supplies you will be directed to an area where you’ll pitch it. There is a strict no naked flames policy: BBQ’s & gas stoves etc are also not allowed.




Karl Jackson, Event Director


HOTH 36 – 19:00 Friday – 07:00 Sunday

HOTH 24 – 07:00 Saturday – 07:00 Sunday

HOTH 12 – 19:00 Saturday – 07:00 Sunday

HOTH 6 – 19:00 Saturday – 01:00 Sunday

HOTH Mad Hatter – 09:00 Saturday – 18:00 Saturday

HOTH Reloaded – Helloween Madness  – 18:00 Saturday – 00:00 Sunday

HoHoHOTH – The Revenge of Satan Clause – 12:00 Saturday – 18:00 Saturday


Registration closes 60 (sixty) minutes before the start of the start of the event – don’t miss it!